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Miners zone is an idle PVE style play-to-earn game where players form a “Team of Miners” to mine and earn rewards. Miners zone provides opportunity to the players digitally own NFT game assets that are in balanced demand in the market.The game will attract thousands of players around the globe looking to “play to earn” as an income stream. The game will strike a fine balance of engaging fun experience with “play to earn” element that is need of this gaming generation.


Miners Zone will be fully transparent as it is the key for any project’s ultimate success. Mistakes committed by another projects in the past have been evaluated carefully and will be avoided for the betterment. Rewards will never be manipulated which causes panic with in the community and destabilize the project’s growth. In the future if any adjustment is required voting will be held within the community and only after their approval those adjustments will be implemented. Ultimate goal is to provide an economic model for the game which will be effective for the continuity of the project in the long run.


Miners zone will be fully decentralized from the Day one of its release. Every token collected from minting NFT game assets will go towards Play 2 Earn Rewards Pool. The fees within the ecosystem of Miners zone will also go towards Rewards Pool. The ecosystem involves three primary fees, these are:

1- 5% fees on with drawl of Rewards

2- 5% fees on all marketplace transactions.

3- 5% fees on Selling the tokens at DEX (PancakeSwap).

Limited # of NFT Assets

Unlike others where NFT game assets minting is unlimited, Miners zone will deactivate Minting feature at one certain point which will limit the number of NFT assets. Therefore increasing the demand and value of these NFT assets which will eventually create the balance within the ecosystem and provide a boost much needed to become the project successful. We will limit the number of “Miners” to "One Million" and “Houses” to just "Three Hundred" Only

Rewards Claim

Players will be able to freely withdraw their Game rewards anytime. There will not be any restriction at with drawl of rewards thus provides an attraction & confidence to the potential new players to join the community.

Low Cost Entry

Miners Zone provides economic model where players with small investment will be able to join the community as well to earn passive income. Any player can join the game with minting just One Game asset. To liquidate their assets players can trade these NFTs in our game marketplace






miners are ready to take over!

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